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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics & University of California-Berkeley Master of Finance

I. Overview
As China’s economy entered into a new normal state and its wealth-driven growth pattern has emerged, Qingdao Wealth Management Finance Reform Experiment Zone has been approved by the State. In order to integrate leading educational resources at home and abroad, support the construction of Qingdao Wealth Management Center and explore the international cultivation mode of senior financial talents, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) has joined hands with University of California-Berkeley to launch a Master of Finance education program (Wealth Management Orientation), with an aim to cultivate high-quality international talents of applied finance who have a global vision of asset allocation, master the cutting-edge tools for financial analysis and innovation and are proficient in professional wealth management.
The curriculum of the program has been set directly complying with international standards, integrated the advantages and characteristics of SUFE-School of Finance and Haas School of Business of University of California-Berkeley, and invited the star professors from both schools to establish a strong faculty team. The students not only can receive a systematic and rigorous training of knowhow and skills, but also can fully enjoy the excellent educational resources in Qingdao, Shanghai and Berkeley and have a chance to intern and practice with famous financial institutions at home and abroad.
II. Admission Examination      
Application Requirements 
The program is open to on-job employees with an undergraduate education background (generally a bachelor degree) or fresh graduates (without any requirements on working experience).
Application Approach 
It includes online application and on-site confirmation.
Application website: (public website), (education website).
Please refer to our graduate school website ( for details.
Examination Mode
Examination consists of qualifying examination and reexamination. The qualifying examination is organized by the State in the form of written examination, consisting of Political Theory, English II, Comprehensive Competence and Finance Comprehensive. Among them, the test questions of Political Theory and English II will be set by the State, while the test syllabus will be drafted by NEEA (please refer to for details). The test questions of Comprehensive Competence will be set by the teaching instruction commission of Economics Related Degrees, while the test questions of Finance Comprehensive will be set by our school. For the examination scopes of Comprehensive Competence and Finance Comprehensive, please refer to the test syllabus drafted by the teaching instruction commission of Finance Master Programs.
Reexamination will be organized by the SUFE-School of Finance through interviews, covering English, professional competence, and comprehensive competence, etc.
Students will be enrolled based on their comprehensive competence in qualifying examination and reexamination.
RMB168,000 /2.5 years
III. Length of Schooling and Certificates      
Length of Schooling
Length of schooling: two and a half years. If students complete their course learning in the specified period but fail to finish their academic dissertation, they can apply for extending the length of schooling for a maximum of one year.
Time: once or twice every month, normally on weekends.
Language: Chinese/English
Place: SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute
After obtaining the required credits required in the specified period, finishing their academic dissertation and oral defense, the students will be qualified for graduation and receive “Graduation Certificate of SUFE-Master of Finance” and “SUFE-Master’s Degree” issued by the Ministry of Education of the PRC and a Certificate of Completion granted by University of California Berkeley. 
IV. Student Activities 
Financiers’ Club: it is a platform for delivering latest information, interpreting frontier issues and exchanging ideas. The club regularly invites famous economists and celebrities from home and abroad to discuss and exchange ideas with financiers, entrepreneurs and government decision-makers, witnessing the growth and development of Chinese financial industry with forward-looking and constructive ideas and breeding a unique culture rooted in the financial center through a deep integration and interaction between the academy and the industry. 
SUFE “Yuxiu Classroom” (mobile): it is a non-profitable extracurricular learning and exchange platform established by SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute for alumni and elites striving for development in finance. It regularly invites professors of finance of SUFE and industrial experts to make a deep exploration into hot topics of finance. 
Alumni’s Club: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has a profound, active and nationwide alumni network. The alumni have spontaneously established various clubs, such as Finance and Investment Club, Entrepreneurs’ Club, Private Equity Club, Golf Club, Badminton Club and Jinjialing Reading Club.
V. Contact Us             
Contact Persons: Teacher Li, Teacher Wang
Phone: 0532-88963299   88961069
Address: RM310, Office Building of SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute (No. 57, Kedazhi Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao) Postcode: 266000
Contact Persons: Teacher Li, Teacher Zhang
Phone: 021-65908377 
Address: RM103, Yuxiu Building, School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (No. 100, Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai) Postcode: 200433