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The Grand Opening Ceremony of Advanced Financial Courses Program of 2016

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     On the morning of June 18, the grand Opening Ceremony of “Advanced FinancialCourses Program (Qingdao) of 2016 of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)” was observed. The opening activities lasted for two days, which included the Opening Ceremony on the morning of June 18, smart classes of liberal studies and the freshmen quality developing activities on June 19. The leaders of Qingdao Municipal Financial Operation Office, Higher Education Working Committee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and SUFE, over 40 freshmen and near 50 guests from all walks of Qingdao’s society attended the ceremony.



        At 9:00 am, the Opening Ceremony was officially kicked off. Doctor Jiang Hui, Executive Dean of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute hosted the ceremony. Wang Feng, Deputy Director of Qingdao Municipal Financial Operation Office took the lead and addressed the audience. First of all, he expressed congratulations to the freshmen of 2016  and he said that the financial industry of China still lagged behind the developed countries like the USA and the UK. The training of a large number of financial talents who were equipped with international advanced financial knowledge and familiar with Chinese national conditions was the prerequisite for the development of Chinese financial industry. Moreover, the advanced financial courses program offered by SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute was a beneficial attempt. Doctor Wang mentioned that, the financial industry was such a rapidly changing world. The students shall learn to follow its trend of development and apply their knowledge into practice so as improve performance.


        Later, Liu Liya, Executive Vice Dean of SUFE School of Finance, detailed the faculty and subjects construction of this School. She mentioned that, in recent years, SUFE had introduced 38 teachers from countries and areas including North America, Hong Kong and Singapore, which accounted for half of the teachers in the School of Finance. She also pointed out that the rapid development of financial industry had incurred some disconnection issues between the theoretical school and the practical school in institutes of higher learning. In order to solve the problem, the School of Finance had also employed more than 140 alumni and leading figures who had made remarkable achievements in the financial industry as part-time supervisors.



      Li Fengyou, a student of 2015 grade made a speech in the ceremony on behalf of senior students. He firstly extended warm congratulations to the younger schoolmates for joining SUFE, where they can not only improve their learning by acquiring financial knowledge but also can reap precious and memorable relationship between classmates. Except for study in weekends, the teachers of the Institute also arranged an evening seminar for discussions with the professors and a variety of lectures and outing activities, which would significantly improve the pleasure of learning compared with that of university and make students cherish these precious opportunities all the more. Finally, he hoped that two classes should enhance their communication and help each other so as to make progress together, win an honor as being a member of SUFE and contribute to the construction and improvement of the financial industry in Qingdao.


      Ma Yutao, a freshman of 2016 grade, delivered a speech in the ceremony on behalf of his peers. During the speech, he mentioned that the freshmen came from various industries and were exercised by working experiences, who, at present, gathered in SUFE and sought for career development through learning in the sea of knowledge in this time-honored SUFE. He believed that all students of 2016 grade would gain a lot through the Program. Finally, he extended his wishes that, all students could bear in mind the historic summer and dedicate themselves to their dreams. They should also remember the happy and eager-to-learn faces next to them. Furthermore, he hoped that everyone would make their dreams come true in these two years.



      After the ceremony, Doctor Jiang Hui, Executive Dean of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, gave a theme lecture entitled “Where Should Non-Governmental Investment Go”. Academically and theoretically, he outlined the development course and trend of non-governmental investment in China by interpreting the status quo of wealth management in Qingdao. He said that, Chinese reform had staged into the deep-water area, therefore, how can China invigorate non-governmental economy by deepening reform and innovating systems on the basis of stabilizing the ruling foundation and stride into the list of developed countries remained not only a mission of China but also a worldwide unprecedented challenge. Private enterprises were the backbone of China's economy, so they had to paddle their own canoes. And in the long run, the real economy was still the major form for private enterprises, where the mission was to create high added value. As the first class at the beginning of this term, this lecture hoped that everyone should develop a good habit and pay attention to finance and economics as well as hot topics during the development of Chinese economy, so as to form a common view that all industries in the society shall support the development of non-governmental economy.


      On the afternoon of June 18, an important part of the ceremony, quality developing activities for newcomers, was carried out on schedule. All students of 2016 grade went to the development base by bus for one and half a day’s training. Under the guide of a coach, students got familiar with each other through team projects like ice breaking, which not only tempered the students and enhanced their relationship as well, laying a solid foundation for the following study and living.






      The projects involved in the Opening Ceremony – the Advanced Financial Courses Program (Qingdao) of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) has a two-year duration with a tuition fee of 49,000 yuan. The target students are finance professionals, senior executives of financial institutions and senior industry executives with professional finance knowledge that retain a bachelor degree, or above. After completing all the courses stated in the education plan and passing the course exams, the unified national examination for applying for the master’s degree as to persons with the same educational level and thesis defense according to requirements of SUFE graduate school, students may apply for the Master of Economics of the Finance major of SUFE.
        The education program established in Qingdao by SUFE is to cultivate a group of versatile and practical high-level financial management talents with the ability to manage, find and solve practical problems for Qingdao City. The Advanced Financial Courses Program (Qingdao) of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) enrolls students in spring and autumn each year. The autumn class will start enrollment recently, planning to hold the opening ceremony in this October.
        Besides, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute also offers programs like “SUFE - UC Berkeley (UCB) Master of Finance Degree Education Program”, EMBA and EMBA of Finance.