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EMBA New Student Orientation of SUFE and the Development Activity of Jianzhen Missionary Journey

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        EMBA New Student Orientation of SUFE in 2016 Spring was successfully held on June 17. The series of orientation activities of this session include three parts, i.e. lecture series, BoYa Rostrum and freshmen development activities. Prof. Jin Yuying, Party Secretary directly under the Business School of SUFE, and Mr. Liu Liming, Dean of EMBA center, presented and addressed at the orientation. Mr. Cao Yin, the chief blockchain specialist, the founder of energy blockchain laboratory and the chief researcher in internet of Cinda Securities, guested the “smart classes of liberal education” and had a special lecture about “blockchain”.

      At the beginning of the activity, Prof. Jin Yuying, Party Secretary directly under the Business School of SUFE, made a speech to welcome the freshmen and briefly introduced the postgraduate education, and the domestic and international ranking and the international development of SUFE. “ To influence who is influencing China”, the outline of characteristics of EMBA program, impressed Prof. Jin a lot. And in her mind, EMBA students of SUFE are the people who will not only influence China, the whole world and the future, but also will change SUFE. She also told students that “it’s more important to prepare for the future than focus on the present, and it’s more valuable to build your life than create wealth”; and she mentioned that the Business School of SUFE would integrate all advantages to build an impressive education environment for all students.


      During the section of “campus life Q&A”, the relevant teacher in EMBA center answered the questions from four aspects, i.e. enrollment, the teaching operation, educational administration and alumni extracurricular activities. Ms. Liu presented the historical development of SUFE, which made the students experience the development history of the university by themselves. And then, Ms. Liu returned to the Program introduction and highlighted three aspects, action learning, overseas study and clubs, and she also shared with the students her experience in innovation and startups during overseas study. She said “the Program may be over two years later, yet the door of EMBA will be kept open for all of you.”

     “The course will be retaken, in case of  absence in classroom tests, one third absence in course attendance and absence from school without asking for a leave occur.” In the activity of “school life Q&A”, Ms. Yin Meixia, the head teacher of Shanghai Class 1, 2016 Grade of SUFE EMBA, answered the questions about enrollment, the teaching operation, educational administration and alumni extracurricular activities etc.

      Later, the representatives of EMBA club addressed the audience on behalf of alumni clubs. Principals from the three major and largest alumni clubs in SUFE, i.e. the Outdoor Adventure Club, Racing Club and the Investment & Financing Club, shared their experience and motivated everyone to join them.

       Zhang Daoming, head of the Outdoor Adventure Club, is an alumnus of EMBA class of 2003 in the SUFE. He established the Outdoor Adventure Club with the objective of “embrace the nature, challenge yourself”. The club holds regular outdoor activities, among which the gobi challenge is the most distinctive one. Moreover, Zhang Daoming shared with the students his experiences of the “11th gobi challenge” and encouraged the freshmen to join in the “12th gobi challenge”.

      Cao Chaofan, head of the Racing Club, is an alumnus of EMBA class of 2012 in the SUFE. He founded the Racing Club, with the aim of “strengthen power, ignite passions”. The club also holds regular “Junior Formula Racing Competition” and gives EMBA students a chance to reinvigorate their life.

       Wang Tonghai, head of the Investment & Financing Club, is an alumnus of EMBA class of 2014 in the SUFE. He established the club in hope of achieving collaborative effect through integrating industrial resources and building a platform for EMBA alumni and undergraduates to study investment and financing, and project docking. So far, the club has fueled a lot of “SUFE Department” alumni in their relevant areas through forums, lectures, salons and researches on alumni enterprises in investment and financing.
        Finally, Mr. Cao Yin, Chief Blockchain Specialist of Cinda Securities and the founder of Energy BlockChain Laboratory as well as the Principal Researcher of the Energy Internet, guested “ BoYa Rostrum” and introduced how “BlockChain” became the vital tool to change the world from the meaning, function, application and development of BlockChain.
       BlockChain is distinctly characterized by distributed books, cryptography and authentication mechanism. At the beginning of the lecture, Cao Yin introduced the meaning of BlockChain that “BlockChain is based on IT technology and the relevant practitioner shall be equipped with financial knowledge and qualified professional capabilities so as to ensure the implementation of BlockChain in every specific area”. He thought that BlockChain technology is the combination of techniques instead of a new technology.
        “In recent years, BlockChain has been applied into CTRP, Airbnb to today’s smart contracts.” After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of BlockChain, Mr. Cao detailed the application of BlockChain in the hotel industry and explained how BlockChain had impacted the non-financial markets. In addition, he also illustrated the developing path of BlockChain through cases including Overstock’s issuing corporate stocks on BlockChain and the exploration of banking industry on BlockChain’s application.


Development Training of Jianzhen’s Missionary Journey

       Over one thousand years ago, Jianzhen, a monk of Daming Temple in Yangzhou, decided to travel east to preach Buddhism theories and spread the profound Chinese culture. And finally Monk Jianzhen became the founder of the Ritsugku Sect in Japan, Japanese medicine and the founder of Japanese beancurd industry, who was highly respected by both Chinese and Japanese people as well as the Buddhist community after going through thousands of risks. His spirit of rescuing the world by helping others and meanwhile improving himself as well as his poised and fearless power for action has been directing the later generations and entrepreneurs like a light tower.



       However, what is the similarity between Jianzhen’s philosophy and the cross-country race? The common ground between them lies in the wilderness survival experience and the internal spirit when facing difficulties and frustrations. “Salvation of the world, sense of mission and boldness” is regarded as the spiritual core of the culture of Jianzhen’s Missionary Journey. And meanwhile, helping others while improving oneself is also true with the enterprises. The one who wants to send others to the opposite bank should have his own “ferryboat” and “power”. The original runway of cross-country race is developed in the barren mountains, in which the competitor can obtain the inspiration and power of achieving a new life as well as the “magic ferryboat” through the riding through gravel, mud and dense jungle, and through successive frustrations.

   The fierce market competition witnesses winners and losers every day, behind which there are countless unseen hardships and setbacks. He who seeks success in a glittering industry should have a healthy body and the boldness to face up to setbacks, and this is the footstone for self-fulfillment and helping others. In the long life, a successful entrepreneur shall have the capability to tackle the setbacks as Monk Jianzhen who failed for 5 times out of 6 times’ attempts and the readiness to endure physical pain and mental monotonousness through the whole journey. The EMBA Program and the coming-of-age ceremony training has made the students more prepared physically and mentally in the face of failures.