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Executive Dean Jiang Hui and His Fellows Invited to Visit UCB

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      Executive Dean of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute Jiang Hui was invited to visit Haas School of Business (HSB), University of California-Berkeley (UCB) together with the management personnel of Master of Financial Engineering Program of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) and University of California-Berkeley (Global Wealth Management Speciality) from Mar. 17 to 18, during which they attended the 2015 Graduation Ceremony and 2016 Entrance Ceremony of Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) of UCB. 

      Jiang, his fellows and Dr. Linda Kraitzman, Assistant to the Dean and MFE Program Director of HSB, had a meeting on the morning of Mar. 17. Started with the enrollment and entrance preparation of the Program, Jiang discussed the details of teaching arrangement, teacher appointment, and standard control with Dr. Linda Kraitzman. Finally, the teacher list and teaching plan in China were generally determined. In addition, measures that could improve the Program were put forward, including applying the on-line simultaneous teaching mode, appointing the young teacher of SUFE School of Finance to attend lectures and participate in assisted instruction, and hiring MFE graduated alumnus to serve as career advisors.
       Jiang and his fellows met Prof. Andrew K. Rose, Vice Dean of HSB on the afternoon of Mar. 17. Jiang introduced the background and purpose of SUFE to set the research institute in Qingdao, and emphasized preferential policies for the construction of the Wealth Management Center set by Qingdao Municipal Government to introduce high quality education resources. Prof. Rose appreciated the progress of the Program and expressed his wish of broad cooperation in teaching, research, and consultation. The Institute and HSB signed Official Memorandum of Understanding after Jiang and Prof. Rose reached an agreement in establishing the International Training Base of Senior Financial Talents in Qingdao. 

      Jiang was invited to have a dinner with Mr. David Booth (Founder and CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, and University of Chicago Booth School of Business is named after him) and MFE Program professor team of HSB in the evening, during which the experts and professors introduced their professional fields and teaching courses. Jiang presented the general information of SUFE and Qingdao and encouraged all attendees to teach and research in China. 

      On the morning of Mar. 18, the Graduation Ceremony of 2015 Grade & Entrance Ceremony of 2016 Grade of MEF Program was successfully held in Anderson Auditorium of HSB. 68 graduates, 60 freshmen, and the representatives of their families and teachers attended the ceremony, and the Institute was the only International sister institute attendee. Jiang and Prof. Richard Lyons, Dean of HSB, had a short meeting. Jiang introduced the cooperation, purpose of visiting, and significant results, and Prof. Lyons expressed his supports to the cooperation of HSB and the Institute. 
      Jiang, his fellows, Dr. Linda Kraitzman, Director of MFE Program, Prof. Jeff Rosenthal, Director of the Center for Executive Education (CEE), and Ms. Julie Shapiro, Senior Manager of CEE had a meeting on the afternoon of Mar. 18, negotiating the study, internship, and other events in Berkeley concerning the students in the Program. The attendees visited the financial laboratory, library, student canteens, classrooms and other teaching venues, and equipment of HSB. Dr. Kraitzman indicated that all teaching venues and equipment are under the principle of cultivating students, forming the important safeguards of the quality of the Program, and are also the irreplaceable advantage of Hass School of Business. Jiang pointed out that the hardware of the Institute would be improved as soon as possible according to the International standards, providing high quality services to the incoming freshmen.