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Analysis of Current Financial Market Situation by Yi Xianrong

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      On October 24, the 9th “Jinjialing Wealth Management Salon” sponsored by Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, was held in the VIP room on the 4th floor of Shandong Coking Group. The famous economist Yi Xianrong was invited to the salon themed current financial market situation and investment opportunities. More than 70 heads of financial institutions and enterprises in Qingdao City were invited to the activity.
      Yi Xianrong believes that after accumulation of huge property, one must place part of wealth in a safe place, namely the “currency market”.

      As for the current stock market, he said investors should grasp the general trend when investing in stocks, and “trade for long-term rather than short-term interest”. He suggested that they should analyze more and think more to identify the general trend in making investments, “in this way, you would get more assets and wealth in the future”.  
      He said that the current focus in international economy was Fed increase of interest rate. Investors should grasp this general trend, and in China, the monetary policy is easing and interest rates keep dropping. This is good news for rising of the stock market. The central bank reduced the two rates on October 24, and it was good news for the stock market according to Yi Xianrong.
      Yi Xianrong was not optimistic about the current real estate market in China, and believed that it is impossible to follow the old path of “real estate oriented” economy to guarantee economic growth and to rescue the market through policies to solve the problem of oversupply at the same time. In fact, this would only make things worse.

      It is learned that the Jinjialing Salon is organized by Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and the Administrative Committee of Qingdao Jinjialing Financial Cluster under the guidance of Qingdao City Wealth Management Comprehensive Financial Reform Pilot Zone Development Committee. Domestic and foreign well-known experts, industry leaders, financiers and entrepreneurs from Qingdao City as well as leaders of relevant government departments are invited on a regular basis for face-to-face exchanges, providing a high-end dialogue platform for communication of the latest financial information, frontier financial frontier problems and exchange of current industry information. The salon will promote interaction of thoughts of people from financial circles, and the construction and development of Qingdao Wealth Management Center and Jinjialing Financial Cluster.