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Fei Fangyu Gives a Speech on the “High-end Forum on Big Data and Financial Innovation”

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In the morning of April 26, the “High-end Forum on Big Data and Financial Innovation “was successfully held at Haier Cloud Valley. Professor Fei Fangyu, President of Internet Finance Institute and Director of the China HP Financial Innovation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, was invited to give a keynote speech entitled “Fintech and Regtech -- Global Background of Chinese Internet Financial Regulation and Compliance Improvement”.

Jiang Hui, Executive Dean of the SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, indicated in his address that regulation, compliance, innovation, development, etc. were still the important themes of internet finance industry, and today’s high-end forum was held to positively explore the new reforms of internet finance as well as the new integration between finance and science and technology, and to provide a way and platform for maintaining the healthy development of internet finance in Qingdao.

Fei Fangyu, in his keynote speech, described the development blueprints of global financial and regulatory science and technology industries to the on-site distinguished guests from a strategic high, deduced the ecological strategies for the local financial science and technology development of Qingdao and China by taking the development ways of the countries and regions where the financial science and technology had been developed in a relatively mature way, and gave his own suggestions.

“The Chinese financial science and technology still superficially stays at enterprise departments other than being taken as a national strategy, though it has developed considerably. This means that there is a large room for our development.” When talking about how Qingdao should be built into a wealth management center with financial science and technology, Fei put forward that it was required to firstly attach importance to both speed and depth, while paying close attention to two important tools artificial intelligence and data safety. “Qingdao can establish a platform to re-operate the whole ecological system by cooperating with BAT.”

After the speech, Fei answered such hot questions frequently asked by the on-site guests as the prospect of regulatory science and technology industry, regulation of local financial risks. More than 200 senior executives from local governments and financial institutions in Qingdao attended the forum.