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Jin Yanshi talked about equity investment industrialization

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      On December 8, the 10th “Jinjialing Wealth Management Salon” activity sponsored by Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, was held in Qingdao Publishing Art Gallery. Jin Yanshi, a famous independent economist, was invited to deliver a speech themed “Modern Enterprises and Equity Investment Industrialization: On coexistence of Financial Industry and Real Economy”. More than 70 heads of financial institutions and enterprises from Qingdao were invited to the activity.


      According to Jin Yanshi, reform of the supply side caused the growth pattern of China’s economy to change, from reliance on labor force and currency to innovation and improvement of total factor productivity. The subject with predominant power of investment has changed from the government to common people, and mass investment would follow the mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Jin Yanshi was optimistic about the future of China’s capital market. He believed that the national reform of financial supervision system was a prelude to a bull market.



      Jin Yanshi thought that there were three market explosive growths in the past three years: The “new three board”, private equity and offshore RMB market. Enterprises and individuals should grasp the growth of these three markets. 
      It is learned that domestic and foreign well-known experts, industry leaders, financiers and entrepreneurs from Qingdao City as well as cadres of relevant government departments are invited to the Jinjialing Wealth Management Salon on a regular basis for face-to-face exchanges, providing a high-end dialogue platform for spread of the latest financial information, interpretationa of frontier financial problems and exchange of current industry information. The salon will promote interaction of thoughts of people from financial circles, and construction and development of Qingdao Wealth Management Center and Jinjialing Financial Cluster.