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A Korean Delegation of Financial Cooperation Practice Visits Our Institute for Educational Exchange

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      On April 21, a delegation, consisting of 12 persons,of financial cooperation practice from Busan, Korea and Wealth Management Cooperation Division of Qingdao Municipal Financial Operation Office visited our institute for educational exchange. Jiang Hui, Executive Dean, met with the visiting Korean customers in the conference room, and both sides had an informal discussion on the matters concerning the in-depth cooperation and exchange visits between our institute and Pukyong National University, Korea, and Sungkyunkwan University.
      The South Korean delegation first visited the office area, classroom of students, tea room, culture wall, etc. in the Institute. Then, both sides had a discussion on educational exchanges in the conference room. Jiang Hui, Executive Dean, first extended his warm welcome to the South Korean delegation for the visit, and then introduced the basic information of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) and SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute to the guests from the aspects such as the historical reform, school size, development strategy, and foreign cooperation and communication. Jiang Hui said that SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute was built jointly by SUFE and Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, which is an independent institution as a legal person, as well as the first research institute of SUFE built in other places rather than in Shanghai. After more than a year of development, the Institute has established the Master of Financial Engineering Program of SUFE and the University of California-Berkeley, EMBA Education Program, Senior Finance Course Program, Senior Management Education Program, etc. Moreover, another degree education program - International Business Degree Education Program (including International Study Tour) will also be developed in Qingdao.

      Jiang Hui thought that due to the close geographical relationship, South Korea has very close economic exchanges with Qingdao and the whole Shandong Province, and under the background of unsatisfactory overall performance of global economy, the promotion of free trade and some strengthened cooperation in East Asia, and especially between China and South Korea have brought new impetus to the development of Qingdao. He said as the first research institute of SUFE built in a different place, the institute would like to train more excellent talents for China and South Korea, and both sides could develop their respective potentials in the fields such as finance, business administration, and international trade. Therefore, he concluded that to attain this goal, it’s indispensable to establish extensive cooperation with universities, enterprises and government, and financial institutions in South Korea, and both sides would have a very broad prospect of cooperation.


      OMiKyung, leader of financial industry team of Busan Financial Services Division, strongly agreed with him on the opinion. In addition, she indicated that Busan is very similar to Qingdao, and also is designated as a financial center, thus, she hoped that the foreign financial institutions and enterprises could come to Busan for investment and economic cooperation and communication, like that in Qingdao. And she said it’s essential to cultivate financial talents for the city to develop into a financial center and it also was quite important to have extensive academic and talent exchanges and the communication between education institutions.
      Then, KimJongHo, Professor of Pukyong National University, briefly introduced the University. KimJongHo said itis a public university in South Korea, and ranks top 10 among the national universities in the country. He thought the two universities are similar in many aspects and have large cooperation space, therefore, he hoped that the two could establish more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in regard to talent cultivation and academic exchanges after signing the cooperation agreement.
      In the discussion, both sides carried on the thorough communication on the setting up of the common educational curriculum, credit transfer, tuition and accommodation, exchange visits of students and teachers, and cooperative study of our institute and Pukyong National University, as well as the management concept and mode of foreign students, and present development situation and prospects of the two universities. They hoped to make the communication between the two universities more materially, with the visit as an opportunity, so as to provide a better platform and opportunity for the common development of the two universities and further achieve close cooperation relations.
       Then, the two sides had an exchange with respect to the Chinese entrepreneurs innovative financial investment and capital operation curriculum of our institute and our cooperation with Sungkyunkwan University, mainly including organizing students to South Korea for exchange and study, learning the cutting-edge financial viewpoints, and visiting large groups and financing institutions in South Korea, organizing the entrepreneurs of the two countries to discuss the cooperation matters, inviting the South Korean experts to Qingdao to give lessons, jointly holding entrepreneur forum, etc.
      On the same day, members of the delegation of financial cooperation practice of Busan and Qingdao attending the discussion included: ParkHeungRyong, Main Officer of Busan Financial Services Division, Hwang Sam Jin, Director of Busan International Financial City Promotion Center of Busan Economic Promotion Agency, ParkJaeUn, Director of Economic Trend Analysis Center of Busan Economic Promotion Agency, NohKiHun, Director of Korea Securities Depository Corporation (KSD), AnOkHwa, Finance PhD and Researcher of KSD, JeongKyungDae, Director of SK Securities and Manager of Commodity Section of SK Securities, LeeJiHeyon, Leader and Manager of Commodity Planning Section of SK Securities, and An Nam Heyon, Responsible Researcher of Busan Economic Promotion Agency. In addition, Li Ming, Director of Wealth Management Cooperation Division of Qingdao Municipal Financial Operation Office was also present at the discussion.