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Representatives of Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau Visit our campus

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On March 14, a team headed by Liu Pengzhao, Director General of Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, and Huang Yingsheng, Vice Mayor of Laoshan District, went to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) to have a meeting on cooperation. President Jiang Chuanhai, Vice President Fang Hua, and heads of relevant departments received the visitors. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on various aspects of work concerning strengthening the cooperation between the university and Qingdao, better supporting Qingdao’s economic development, and promoting further development of Qingdao Wealth Management Institute.

President Jiang Chuanhai said that the past four years since its inception have witnessed great progress of Qingdao Wealth Management Institute in different aspects including talent cultivation, research consulting, social service, business ecosystem development, etc. Remarkable achievements have been made thanks to the great support from the CPC Qingdao Committee, Qingdao Municipal Government, the CPC Laoshan District Committee, and Laoshan District Government. The two sides will further propel university-city cooperation, enhance interaction, and deliver win-win outcomes.

Vice President Fang Hua said that Qingdao Wealth Management Institute has been making steady progress while maintaining sound development; the institute should continue to bring its strengths into full play, make good use of the high-quality academic resources of SUFE, make courageous efforts in exploration and innovation, and continuously serve the regional economy in Qingdao through talent cultivation, think tank development, and many other diversified ways.

Director General Liu Pengzhao expressed his recognition of and gratitude to the institute for its support to talent cultivation and economic development of Qingdao over the past four years. He said that Qingdao is striving to become an “open, modern, dynamic and stylish” international metropolis which presents an urgent demand for high-end talents in the financial field; the institute should constantly tap the potential and grow in strength on the current basis, so as to provide further support for Qingdao to attract talents and investors. Qingdao will also continue to offer the institute favorable policy support and high-quality services.

Vice District Mayor Huang Yingsheng said that as the core area of Qingdao Comprehensive Financial Reform Pilot Zone for Wealth Management, Jinjialing Financial Area has made significant achievements in pushing forward the innovation-driven development of the financial industry and enhancing the quality and performance of the development; at the same time, the demand for financial talents in the area is also growing day by day. He said that the institute has delivered great results since its establishment; it should continue to strengthen interaction, exchanges, and in-depth cooperation with the government in such aspects as the Belt and Road Initiative, free trade zone construction, and other advanced policy research areas.

After the meeting, the team visited National University Science Park of SUFE, and gained some insight into the operational mode and development course of the park.
Li Min, Chief Inspector of Schools of Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, Li Xiaoyuan, Director of Higher Education Department of Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, Zhang Shuren, Director General of Laoshan District Financial Regulation Bureau, Jiang Xuehuan, Director General of Laoshan District Education and Sports Bureau, Shen Hui, Director of Party Affair and President Office of SUFE, Xu Longbing, Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School, Liu Yongming, Executive Vice Dean of School of Finance, Jin Xing, Deputy Director of Party Affair and President Office, and Jiang Hui, Executive President of Qingdao Wealth Management Institute participated in the meeting and other activities.