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Exam of the Third-phase CISI “International Certificate in Wealth&Investment Management”was Held.

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On the morning of March 31, students of the third-phase CISI “International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management” class in our institute took the certification exam in the International Exam Center of Ocean University of China.

Guided by teachers of our institute, students arrived at the examination hall ahead of time and received security check before the exam. The exam was taken on computers and lasted for 2 hours. With strict discipline, students entered exam rooms in order, answered questions on computers, submitted answer sheets, and finished the exam.

After the exam, teachers of our institute discussed with students about the exam. Mr. Wang from a third-party wealth management company successfully passed the exam. He found that key knowledge of the exam had been covered by the courses given by teachers and after-school exercises, and he attributed his pass to the systematic training courses and the fact that he had done enough revision of previous exams and simulation exams after class. Another student who failed the exam said that although the exam seems easy, with only single-answer questions, it covers a wide range of knowledge, and that his failure was due to his inadequate preparation
According to preliminary statistics, the pass rate for the exam is nearly 70%. Currently, students who have passed the exam are actively preparing for CISI “International Certificate in Advanced Wealth Management” courses. The fourth-phase CISI “International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management” class is expected to open in this June.

“International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management”, introduced by Qingdao Municipal Government, is a cooperative step-up certificate program between our institute and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) in the UK. The certification has three levels, with a corresponding certificate granted to those passing the exam. To respond to the call of Qingdao Municipal Office of Financial Services and cultivate professional talents for the wealth management industry, our institute actively provides “CWM Class”, student scholarship, and referral reward for student, supporting the development of Qingdao into a central city of wealth management.