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Shuipi Gives a Speech on the 40th Financiers Club

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On the afternoon of December 16, the “In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up· Special Event of Financiers’ Club”, jointly held by Qingdao Jinjialing Financial Area Management Commission and SUFE (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, was successfully held at Hundred Hotel in Laoshan District, Qingdao. Shuipi, a renowned Chinese critic, the editor-in-chief of China Times and adjunct professor at SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, delivered a keynoted speech themed Investment Choices under the Background of Policy-Driven Stock Market.

During the two and a half hours of speech, Shuipi shared his viewpoints on the issues of general concern for investors including stock investment trend, the real estate development prospect and China-US trade relations.

Shuipi first analyzed the opportunities in the stock market in 2019, “There are always opportunities in the stock market, but what the general investors can truly grasp is an investment system with a strong recovery, fast-in and fast-out are the best options.” Then, as regards the investment opportunities in the real estate market at the year’s end and in the next year, he said, “To appropriately seize the chances missed by others is also a choice of investment, and taking loans is a wise option, for money will depreciate in the future.

In addition, speaking of China-US relations and the direction of future trade negotiations, Shuipi explained, “China and the US have an interdependent relationship with no fundamental conflicts of interests. As China grows stronger, there are bound to be frictions. The future negotiations will center on the import and export of Chinese enterprises.”

After his speech, Shuipi answered the questions raised by the audience regarding the expected Central Bank’s future interest rate reduction and his experience in choosing quality boards. This salon was specially supported by Tianyi Renhe·Zhihui Zhicheng, at which more than 300 senior managers from financial institutions and large enterprises were present.