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Opening Ceremony for the First CISI “International Wealth Management” Class in Beijing

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In the morning of June 13, the Opening Ceremony for the First Class of Wealth Management International Qualification Authentication Education Program in Beijing sponsored by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) was smoothly held in China World Hotel in Beijing City, and it was also the first training for relevant courses offered in Beijing since the formal signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties. These courses were mainly targeted at about 40 middle and senior managers and business backbones in the Marketing Department of Beijing RPW Asset Management Co., Ltd.

In his address, CISI’s CEO Mr. Simon Culhane described in details the cooperative background of the program, the development history, authentication system, membership, mission and responsibility of CISI, etc., and wholeheartedly praised and recognized the excellent teaching staff and training quality of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. “Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, as our strategic partner and authentication training partner in the Chinese zone, has achieved a reference passing rate of learners under its professional training far more than Britain, Spanish, Dubai, etc., so I am very confident in your acquiring industrially leading wealth management knowledge, skills and behavioral norms and finally becoming a chartered wealth manager.”

Wen Chao, Director of the CEE Center of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, introduced the development history and the historical mission of “Wealth Management International Qualification Authentication Education Program” of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. “I firmly believe that the program is bound to enrich and optimize the cultivation mode for domestic senior financial talents and create an industrial benchmark for the localized international qualification authentication field, thus enabling our country to be at the forefront with regard to educating international wealth management talents.”

Afterwards, CISI CEO Simon Culhane awarded a CISI commemorative badge to on-site new learners one by one, and communicated with them.

The sponsor of “Wealth Management International Qualification Authentication”, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), a professional institution established by London Stock Exchange in 1992, the originator of global stock exchanges, mainly engages in providing the financial service industry with the systematic vocational qualification authentication concerning securities and investment, membership service and vocational development opportunity. The vocational qualification authentication provided by non-profit CISI has been regulated and recognized by Financial Conduct Authority, the most authoritative and rigorous financial regulator around the globe.