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Strategic Cooperation Between Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shandong University

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On June 13, Jiang Chuanhai, president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, paid a visit to Shandong University with his delegation. The two sides held a symposium for cooperation and conversations and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Guo Xinli, secretary of CPC Committee of Shandong University, met with President Jiang Chuanhai and his entourage. Fan Liming, president of Shandong University, attended the symposium and made a speech. The symposium was presided over by Wang Qilong, executive vice president of Shandong University, and Liu Lanjuan and Yao Lingzhen, vice presidents of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, participated in the event.

Guo Xinli first looked back into the history of friendly contact between Shandong University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He gave an overview of cultural deposits, preponderant disciplines, and campus scenery of Shandong University and highlighted the broad cooperative prospects of the two universities on the basis of their respective characteristics and advantages. He said, for Shandong University, it was worth learning from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in the realm of finance, economics and business administration etc. In addition, to better serve Shandong Province, Shandong University needed the support from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He hoped that the two universities would expand cooperation fields and enhance close cooperation; with the help of experience, ideas, spirit, vigor of Shanghai, the two regions and the two universities could enjoy a common development, promote a new development mode of interuniversity cooperation, and work out a new development road.

In the symposium, Fan Liming, President of Shandong University, delivered her warm address and introduced advantages and characteristics of Shandong University from four aspects and six development strategies. The four aspects were the time-honored history, all-inclusive disciplines, large size of the University, strong strength while the six development strategies were talents developing strategy, academic progress, internationalization, culture orientation, serving Shandong Province, integration development pattern. Regarding cooperation between the two universities, she said first, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics featured long history and distinctive characteristics and the two universities were able to be advantage complementary through cooperation; second, the two sides had laid a solid foundation previously in terms of discipline construction, scientific research, talent cultivation, teaching staff construction etc. Based on mutual consensus, the strategic cooperation agreement was expected to gain support from both sides, propel common cooperation, carry forward the pragmatic traditions of the both sides, facilitate the implementation of the agreement, push the focus downwards, benefit faculties and students, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result.

Jiang Chuanhai pointed out that Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shandong University should discuss together the development strategy, development path of the two universities, practice the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and push forward the “Double-First Class” construction. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement indicated that the new stage of cooperation between the two universities, which was comprehensive in various fields, was unveiled. The two universities should employ their respective discipline advantages and characteristics to develop exchanges and collaboration in multiple areas such as discipline construction, talent training, teaching staff construction, scientific research, and social work. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics was going to seriously study and then formulate an application program and guarantee the implementation of the cooperation agreement. He expected that the two universities continued creating new cooperation patterns to offer intellectual support for economic and social development of the state and regions.

On behalf of the two universities respectively, Jiang Chuanhai and Fan Liming signed the strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shandong University should facilitate the discipline construction of both universities by making the most of their characteristic discipline power and integrated discipline power; enhance talent exchange and cooperation, set up a student exchange and visit mechanism, a bilateral examination exemption mechanism for excellent students, a mechanism to foster graduate students jointly, and a normalized liberal education exchange mechanism, launch joint talent trainings, develop a normalized exchange and cooperation mechanism for teachers, promote communication among teachers; collaborate with each other to conduct a research on Confucian businessman and commercial science culture, impel jointly the innovation cooperation in the realm of financial mathematics and financial engineering, strengthen the lateral communication of other related disciplines, consolidate the scientific research cooperation between the two universities; bring into full play advantages of related characteristic disciplines and resources, engage in the critical project of Shandong Province, namely, the old and new kinetic energy conversion project, collaborate with each other to serve Shandong Province; establish a cooperative development leading group and ensure the working mechanism.

The representatives who were present at the symposium covered a lot of ground and reached a consensus after discussing the cooperation in the realm of liberal education, practical teaching, characteristic studying of humanities, Marxist theory, economics, administration and management, financial mathematics etc. as well as the matters related to teacher training and communication, scientific research cooperation, joint training of graduate students, exchange of undergraduate students, summer camps etc.

Before the symposium, President Jiang Chuanhai and his delegation paid a visit to the University History Museum, Chinese Traditional Culture Research and Experience Base and Museum of Shandong University.