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SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association Leadership Transition Meeting&New Year Dinner Was Successfully Held

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On December 16, SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association Leadership Transition Meeting & New Year Dinner was successfully held at Hundred Hotel. More than a hundred alumni including main members of the first council of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association and representatives from over ten brother alumni associations gathered together to renew their friendship . 

The event was moderated by Hu Xuening, Secretary of the Secretariat of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association. Chen Hongmei, Deputy Secretary-General of SUFE Alumni Association and Director of SUFE Cooperation and Development Dep. attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

This event received great support from the SUFE. During the meeting, Chen Hongmei conveyed SUFE’s care for and greetings to all the alumni in Qingdao. In her speech, she expressed SUFE’s close attention to and further expectations for the alumni work, and fully recognized all the activities carried out by SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association. She then read out the approval from SUFE Alumni Association as regards the leadership transition of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association.

Zhang Shibin, President of the first council of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association, and Wang Deping, Vice President and Secretary-General of the first council, looked back on the memorable journey SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association has been on and the achievements it has made for the past four years, and summarized all the work conducted by the Association. During the meeting, Zhang and Wang presented the Excellent Alumni Certificate to Xu Shifeng, a finance major of the class of 1990 and Wu Min, Master in Finance of the class of 2016. The election ceremony of the second council of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association was held afterwards. By means of alumni appraisal, two-way communication, on-site voting and show of hands, the list of council members, members of departments and committees and leadership were produced, thus the second council of SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association was officially established. Wang Yunye, an alumnus of the class of 1984, was elected as President, Zhang Yan Executive President and Liu Mei Vice President and Secretary-General.

 Wang Yunye said at the meeting that the second council will pass on the spirit of the first one, embrace the blessings of SUFE, endeavor to integrate the resources of the alumni in Qingdao, and join their hands to do practical and great work successfully, so as to become one of the SUFE branch associations that are best at joining forces to overcome difficulties and develop careers.

Upon completion of the leadership transition ceremony, the alumni jointly raised their glasses to celebrate the successful event as well as the coming of the New Year. It is believed that under the new leadership, SUFE Qingdao Alumni Association will become a brand new platform uniting all the alumni in Qingdao, through which they will bear in mind the gratitude for SUFE and the times, deepen their friendship and make further achievements.