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The Second Entrance Examination of “International MBA Program” in 2018 was Organized

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On July 15, the second entrance examination of “International MBA Program” in 2018 organized by SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute ended on a successful note. Nearly 40 candidates from various industrial sectors including banking, international trade, manufacturing and Internet technology took the exam.

The entrance exam consisted of the written exams and interviews. In the morning, the candidates took management and English exams, which lasted 3 hours. While making elaborate preparation for the written exams, the institute remained committed to implementing strict patrol inspection on the exam site and got fully prepared for the written exams in advance. By doing so, the institute ensured the exams to carry on in a tense and orderly manner.

In the afternoon, the interviews were conducted in Chinese and English, respectively. Richard Foristel, director of the “International MBA Program” presided over the English interview. Ren Wenchao, director of Top Management Education Center of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, and brilliant alumni of the institute hosted the Chinese interview. The candidates were asked to briefly introduce themselves on education background and relevant experiences in Chinese and English, respectively. And then they answered the questions of interviewers. In the end, the interviewers evaluated the performance of candidates and decided on the ones to be enrolled.

After the interview, the second entrance exam was successfully completed.

“International MBA Program” is a Master’s degree program jointly launched by SUFE and Webster University (USA). It’s one of the Sino-foreign cooperative education programs that were firstly carried out in China. Moreover, it’s the only Sino-foreign cooperative education program that has won the prize of National Teaching Achievement Award so far. The program has been running for 22 years and takes pride in its cultivation of over 2,000 excellent postgraduates. It has made remarkable contributions to China’s economic development and become one of the most influential international MBA programs.

Students are required to follow the same practice of American peers and complete all the courses, pass exams and obtain enough credits before they apply for MBA program in Webster University. The new semester of “International MBA Program” will start on Oct. 13.