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Li Daxiao Guested on the 34th Salon of Financiers Club

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On the afternoon of July 14, joining hands with Shanghai Yang Ming Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute hosted the 34th “Qingdao Jinjialing Wealth Management Salon of Financiers’ Club of SUFE” in Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao. Li Daxiao, director of Research Institution of Yingda Securities and chief economist at Yingda Securities, was invited to the salon and delivered a keynote speech themed on “2018 China Stock Market Trend Analysis and Investment Opportunities”

During the two-hour speech, Li firstly gave an in-depth analysis on the macro-economic landscape at home and abroad. “As the largest economy in the world, the USA has gained sustainable momentum so far. The recovery of its PMI index, consumer confidence index and price level has supported it in staying in interest rate hike cycle. Because China’s economy has been optimized in structure and shown strong resilience and great potential, it has paved the way for long-term growth of domestic market. The most difficult time may have already been over.” He added, “Against such backdrop, new investment opportunities arise among undervalued blue chip stocks in the sectors such as banking, non-bank finance, capital construction, real estate and consumption.”

As for the future market outlook, Li believed that China would work to create an internationalized stock market based on market principles and the rule of laws. He also believed China would improve the two-way trade mechanism and implement the delisting system. In the meantime, he warned investors against severe risks of stocks under the “Five Blacklisted Categories”, which are small-cap stocks, sub-new stocks, junk stocks, overpriced growth stocks and subject stocks.

Additionally, he offered advice on the stock market trend and stock portfolio in the second half of 2018, both of which concerned investors the most. “In terms of major asset allocation, advantages of undervalued blue chip stocks become prominent. Meanwhile, as the stocks under the ‘Five Black Categories’ harbor more risks than opportunities, investors need to keep their holdings steady and reduce volatility of the varieties. They can make value investment in line with the ranking of Hang Seng China Enterprises Index ETF, SSE 50 Index and CSI300 Index. ”

After his speech, Li answered the questions raised by the audience and took photos with them. More than 300 senior managers from financial institutions and large enterprises attended the salon.