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Entrepreneur Financial Investment and Capital Operation Courses

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Entrepreneur Financial Investment and Capital Operation Courses

Project Background
The times need real "financial entrepreneurs".
When financial innovation becomes a habit of the times, there will be a stronger demand for quicker knowledge acquirement and personal learning abilities. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, against the backdrop of Qingdao's building a financial center city of wealth management, has launched the Financial Investment and Capital Operation Courses for Entrepreneurs with the help of top professor teams, and practitioners and managers who are the most familiar with the capital market. It also relies on the profound financial culture of the Shanghai World Financial Center and the century-old business history of the university. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the most advanced knowledge of investment, financing and capital decisions as well as capital operation in a company's different stages to enhance core competitiveness of the decisions multi-dimensionally, and become financial entrepreneurs devoted to local investment and with global financial visions.

Course Objectives
Business industry-finance combination, financial investment and capital operation courses under the new normal
Cultivating financiers with domestic and international macro visions;
Businessmen knowing finance and mastering financial instruments in the capital market;
Middle and senior management talents with excellent professional qualities and innovation abilities;
Sharing forums and college resources, converging strength of classmates and building a high-end financial platform of lifelong learning.

Project Features
Cooperation Platforms of Investment and Financing
High-end Exchange Platforms and Diversified Alumni Networks
Overseas Modules; Global Visions

Professors Responsible for the Courses
Dai Guoqiang, professor and doctoral supervisor of SUFE, and
dean of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute

Global Modules
International modules are divided into American modules and European modules, including course study and business investigation. It aims to help Chinese companies innovate and change with global wisdom. The entire curriculum system is created with top business schools around the world by integrating superior educational resources worldwide. Each school will provide their best educational resources that embody the highest level and the latest result of first-class entrepreneur education in the world.
Overseas Partner Institutions:
Cambridge Judge Business School, Mansfield College, Oxford, Harvard Kennedy School, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, and Columbia University

Activities for Trainees
Financier Club
"Financial Talents" Salon
Alumni Club

Alumni's Words
1.Zhang Yan-2016 Financial EMBA Qingdao Autumn
Chairman and President of the Rubber Valley Group Co., Ltd.
"Assist in economy and governance with great virtue and knowledge". In today's world, who is leading the way? With great changes in the last 100 years, we will forge ahead into the future! All of you will make another splendid achievement!
2.Li Kejia-2015 EMBA-Qingdao
General manager of Qingdao Daqian Private Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Dreams are kept in the heart but also need to be realized by practice. Here, you will start the most memorable journey of knowledge in your life; you will be acquainted with elites and outstanding persons in different industries; you will go back to the happy time in campus; and you can weave your own dreams. Seize the opportunity and you will win the future. Let your dreams come true, and SUFE EMBA Programs look forward to your joining!
3.Zhang Hui- 2016 Financial EMBA Qingdao Spring
General manager of Qingdao Capital Management Co., Ltd.
SUFE is a place where you can calm down to think. Time is flying. Life is finite but learning is not. So let's start the new journey with abundant energy, and make extraordinary achievements with a persistent attitude toward learning!

Chairmen, general managers, heads of investment and financing, and other middle and senior managers of private companies;
Capital market investors and other relevant investors;
Heads of commercial banks, investment banks, security companies, fund companies, trust companies and other financial institutions;
Senior executives of law firms, accounting firms, strategic consulting firms and insurance companies;
Other elites from different industries who are interested in capital operation.

Teaching Methods
Professor lectures, case analysis, and group discussion as the center; and actual simulation and expert comment as complement;
A combination of theories and practices through high-end lectures, boutique salons, mobile classrooms, business visits, etc.

Class Hours: once a month for 1 year in total and 2-3 days each time (Friday to Sunday).
Vacancies: 40 trainees per semester. Enrollment will not be over until no vacancy exists.
Language: mainly in Chinese and several courses in English (with Chinese interpretation).

Qingdao: SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute (No. 57, Kedazhi Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao)
Shanghai: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Zhongshan North 1st Road Campus, No. 369 Zhongshan North 1st Road, Shanghai)
During the course, domestic mobile classes and overseas modules will be arranged, including lectures and examinations.

Entry Fee: 3,000 yuan/RMB
Project Fee: 98,000 yuan/RMB (including entry fee)
Including: tuition, teaching materials, extra lectures, tea break, teaching management;
And accommodation at the beginning of the semester; Excluding: investigation, accommodation, transportation, visa, service fees of domestic and foreign study tours.

Certificate Awarding
After completing learning of all courses and passing the examination, trainees will be issued the completion certificate of Financial Investment and Capital Operation for Entrepreneurs, and join the alumni association of SUFE.

Contact Us
Top Management and Education Center of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute
Contact: 053288961125
Address: SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute
No. 57, Kedazhi Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao  Postcode: 266000