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EMBA Core Course

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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics EMBA Core Course

This is bound to be a great era. Ways of production and life have changed quietly in the collision and integration of big data, intelligence, mobile Internet, cloud computing and other technologies. The world of Internet of Everything seems almost ready any time and the pace of cross-industry integration is overwhelming. Opportunities and challenges brought by "Internet +" and "Industry 4.0" have refilled China with passion for innovation and aspiration for entrepreneurship! Now founders of start-ups are sharpening their swords, but entrepreneurs are haunted with the urgency of reformation at the same time, which seems so real, but is also like standing in the mist. How should the future strategies be planned? How should companies embrace the Internet? In what way can we leverage the capital market? How does business management keep pace with the times? What attitude should entrepreneurs cultivate towards challenges?
As the flagship program of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, Chinese Entrepreneurs Series - EMBA Core Course adopts the framework of the EMBA course of SUFE as the basis, integrates its strong faculty lineup and invites industry leaders and business elites to give lectures at forums and seminars. It aims to create a new platform which enables high-level decision makers to tackle the changes, opportunities and challenges of the global economy, to learn and absorb the world's advanced business wisdom, to understand the top strategic thinking at home and abroad, to continuously improve the capability, quality and art of decision making, and to advance from outstanding to excellence by surpassing oneself and expanding fields.
·Professors well known for their versed attainments in the fields of management, economics, philosophy and so on are invited for the course. From them, trainees can gain cutting-edge strategic perspectives, innovative thinking and profound professional knowledge.
·Companies will be helped to achieve their growth targets through detailed interpretation of operation process, representation of classic cases, diagnosis of company issues, workshop-style full participation and implementation of mutual aid task promotion program.
·Diverse teaching forms are adopted to improve trainees' capability in dealing with complex issues by combining theories and practices, including lectures of advanced theories, analysis of latest cases, interactive brainstorming, teacher-student exchanges and company visits.
·The hundred years of cultural background will bring inspirations on forums, lectures, communication economics, politics, law, society, culture, etc., by which trainees will gain insights into the "principle and philosophy" of business operation and life development.
·Applicants' admission will be assessed strictly to ensure the high quality of trainees and diversified industrial backgrounds will provoke extensive and profound collision of ideas.
·Rigorous teaching management system, timely tracking of teaching quality and strict control of teaching standards in addition to top domestic software and hardware teaching facilities will support trainees to achieve the best learning effect.
· Trainees will be awarded the Certificate of Completion of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and join the alumni association after completion of the course. They will get integrated into the alumni network of the best minds and enjoy the farsighted exchange platform.

Admission Requirements
Applicants should be chairmen, general managers or other senior executives of industrial and commercial circles with university degree and management experience of three years or above.

Teaching Methods
The innovative theory-practice teaching model aims to cultivate talents by setting high moral values and educate excellent leaders with distinctive financial characteristics. They will be creative and decisive with global vision, national spirit, and organizational capacity.
1.Expansion Building
2.Actual Simulation
3.EMBA Core Modules
4.Financier Club
5.Company Visit
6.Salon Discussion
7.Tour Class

Professor Lineup
At present, 72% of the teachers have obtained doctor degree. 34% are from overseas renowned universities and 63% of domestic teachers have professor (senior) titles.
The distinguished professors are mainly from authoritative institutions of domestic and foreign academic and practitioner circles and well-known business schools of Europe and America, such as the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, Cambridge Judge Business School, INSEAD, Nanyang Business School, Rady School of Management, University of California, Hitotsubashi University, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Admission Requirements
Tuition: 46,800 yuan (including tuition, teaching materials, certificate fee, etc.)
Class Hours: once a month for one year in total and 2-4 days each time (Thursday to Sunday)
Qingdao: SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute (No. 57, Kedazhi Road)
Shanghai: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Zhongshan North 1st Road Campus, No.369 Zhongshan North 1st Road, Shanghai)
During the course, domestic mobile classes and overseas modules will be arranged, including lectures and examinations.
Certificate issuance: After completion of the course, the trainees will be awarded the Certificate of Completion of Chinese Entrepreneurs EMBA Advanced Training Course of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


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