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          Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a key multidisciplinary university based on economic and management disciplines and coordinated development of economics, management, law, liberal arts and science, which enjoys century-lasting history of commercial science studies. Its research level of major disciplines enjoys an international-leading status and its comprehensive strength and social reputation are ranked top among colleges and universities of finance and economics across China.

         In recent years, with the development and construction of key areas of Qingdao such as West Coast New Economic Area, Blue Silicon Valley and Hongdao New Economic Area, especially since Qingdao Wealth Management Finance Reform Experiment Zone was nationally approved in 2014, it has become an urgent task for Qingdao to take the mission of wealth management.
         To effectively integrate the resources of local areas and institutions of higher learning, push forward the urban construction of Qingdao as a wealth management center, and enhance the capability and social influence of SUFE on the development of local economy, on December 13, 2014, both parties signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between the People's Government of Qingdao and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the Agreement on Joint Establishment of "SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute" by the People's Government of Qingdao and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 
        According to the agreements, both parties will jointly build SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute. Fully unleashing the high-end resource advantages of SUFE and local advantages of Qingdao, both parties will carry out cooperation in the fields of talent cultivation, cultural inheritance, research consultancy and social service that surrounds Qingdao Wealth Management Finance Reform Experiment Zone, so as to provide intellectual support to the development and promotion of the financial industry of Qingdao.  
        On January 19, 2015, SUFE-Qingdao Wealth Management Institute as an independent legal person of public institution, was officially registered to be the first research institute non-locally founded by SUFE.

        Four functions of Qingdao Wealth Management Institute:

        Talent cultivation:
   According to the agreements, the Institute will cultivate high-level talents for the economic and social development of Qingdao, especially for the development of finance and related industries, which include cultivating on-the-job professional masters (like MBA, EMBA and masters of professions such as finance, accounting and international business) and PhD; providing high-level training for businesses and public institutions, financial institutions, governmental and social organizations; cultivating and providing high-quality fresh graduates that are urgently needed for economic and financial development of Qingdao.
        Besides, both parties also agreed to jointly build a post-doctoral research station; both parties will jointly carry out China-foreign cooperative education programs.
         In September 2015, Qingdao Wealth Management Institute opened up a financial master class targeting wealth management. Besides, the Institute also carried out cooperation with world-class famous universities such as University of California-Berkeley. Other education programs are also under progress in an orderly way.
        Cultural inheritance:  
        The activity of "Financiers' Club" was initiated by SUFE in 2008, which now has become an essential spiritual feast for financiers and entrepreneurs in the Bund of Shanghai. Following Qingdao Wealth Management Institute founded, it introduced the activity into Qingdao and organized "Qingdao Jinjialing Wealth Management Salon of Financiers' Club".
   The monthly salon invites famous experts and industrial leaders from home and abroad to have a face-to-face communication with  financiers and entrepreneurs of Qingdao, provides the financiers with a high-level dialogue platform to convey the latest financial information, interprets the frontier issues, and exchanges information, facilitates the interaction and exchange of ideas among financiers and promotes the construction and development of Qingdao Wealth Management Center and Jinjialing Financial Cluster.

         Research consultancy: 
       Based on SUFE’s characteristic disciplines such as economics, statistics, accounting, finance and industry and commerce management, Qingdao Wealth Management Institute will enable Qingdao to promote its construction task of Qingdao Wealth Management Finance Reform Experiment Zone and undertake cross-sectional research programs of the government, enterprises and public institutions.
     Social service:
      The Institute establishes a development fund to serve for the public welfare establishments of Qingdao in the modes such as scholarships and student subsidies, faculty fellowship and public welfare programs.
     Schooling environment:  
        The Institute is located in Laoshan district that is blessed with enchanting sceneries and fresh air. The party school of the Laoshan District Party Committee is equipped with one teaching building, one office building, one library and one students' building with complete functions, optimum allocation and complete facilities; one multi-functional hall that can hold 500 at once; two academic report halls, each of which is capable of housing 300 and 150 people; one audio-visual education center with complete functions and two basketball courts and two tennis courts.