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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics CFO Course

Project Background
Chinese companies are seeking a breakthrough. They will explore the next growth point in technological innovation, capital operation, and business model optimization. CFOs no longer spend much time and energy on basic business accounting and processes, but view financial and accounting issues from a strategic perspective. They need to comprehend business governance, capital operation and other knowledge and operation means to achieve upgrade and changes of financial management.
In today's world, many CFOs are faced with a dilemma: how to fulfill the traditional responsibility of monitoring a company on behalf of shareholders, and meanwhile how to become a partner of CEO and create value for shareholders?
There is a tendency in companies which want to make a substantial development. And CFOs who can provide professional and comprehensive financial information to support decisions will be increasingly indispensable for CEOs. As one of the core posts in business operation, CFOs have increasingly important roles like interest representatives of investors, strategic decision-makers, regulators, etc. In order to become qualified for new requirements and seek a better career development, CFOs need more wisdom and experience in finance, value creation, information communication, strategic decision-making, etc.

Project Profits
The original curriculum module is designed, from theories to practices, to cultivate excellent CFOs.
Breaking traditional thinking models of CFOs and expanding strategic visions
Focusing on how to create and manage business value
Fulfilling rights and interests given by shareholders to create value for investors and shareholders
Optimizing resource allocation and helping establish a reasonable performance evaluation system to promote strategy implementation
Structuring a high-end financial communication platform of SUFE and building a platform of communication and learning for top CFOs

Entry Requirements
Associate degree with more than three years of management experience (the restriction on education can be relaxed for those with over six years of experience.)
CFO, finance director, vice president in charge, chief accountant or head of finance;
That CEO and board members learn together is helpful to enhance financial knowledge and strategic decision-making abilities.

Schooling System
1. Class Hours: once a month for 7 months in total and 2 days each time (Saturday to Sunday).
2. Venue: SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute (No. 57, Kedazhi Road)

Entry Fee: 600 yuan/RMB (non-refundable)
Project Fee: 29,800 yuan/RMB
Including: tuition, teaching materials, extra lectures, tea break and teaching management;
Excluding: domestic and foreign study tours, accommodation, transportation, visa, service.

Certificate of Completion
All trainees admitted shall register formally at school and establish personal files, with trainees' status managed by the Institute; after completing all courses and passing the examination, trainees will be issued the Completion Certificate of "SUFE CFO" by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and join the alumni association.

Teaching Methods
Professor lectures, case study and group discussions as the center; and actual practice simulation and expert comments as complement;
A combination of theories and practices through high-end lectures, boutique salons, mobile classrooms, business visits, etc.

Application Process
Application Process: Application Submission → Qualification Examination → Admission Notice → Tuition Fee Payment→ Registration
Application Materials: Application form (please fill in the frequently-used cell phone number and e-mail for daily teaching management), one color photo of 2 inches (a recent bareheaded photo) or a digital color life photo.

Contact Us
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