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Customized programs

Program Introduction
The business training program of SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute has been launched based on the distinctive discipline advantages of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the huge resource network of Shanghai as an international financial center. At the moment when Qingdao is building its wealth management center, the program focuses on training excellent financiers, industrialists and first-class professional managers in the contemporary era with joint efforts of distinguished professors from world famous universities and top talents of academia, industries and political circles.
The customized course is committed to integrating resources to provide solutions for companies and developing deep cooperation with them on management education. It is a specialized course tailored to business expansion. Through international teaching environment and personal teaching services, the program enables trainees to fully appreciate the experience and wisdom of world top business schools and develop strategic literacy, risk awareness and innovative spirit under globalization. It highlights the cultivation of comprehensive abilities covering economics, finance, accounting, management and culture, striving to cultivate leading business talents of full quality.

Our Advantages
SUFE wisdom with hundred years of history
Top expert team
Complete curriculum system
Vivid case teaching study
Support of top business schools and professional institutions
Professional management team
Diversified exchange communication platform

Case Study
Case 1: Thematic financial training for cadres of Qingdao municipal financial departments
From Nov.11 to 12, 2016, a two-day thematic financial training for cadres of Qingdao municipal financial departments was held in the Institute. 150 cadres of department level and above from the Qingdao municipal financial system participated in the training, in which they have learned courses with the subjects of How do Leaders and Cadres Utilize Economics to Analyze Economic Issues and Capital Market, Investment and Financing.

Case 2: Internal training for SPDB Qingdao Branch
In 2016, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute, in accordance with SPDB Qingdao Branch's requirement for talent training, designed series of courses, including financial innovation, organizational behavior management, customer relationship maintenance, and marketing strategy for senior executives, middle backup managers and young cadres, to foster their full grasp of modern business management theories and decision-making methods, and further understanding of the business models of domestic and foreign organizations in a systematic manner. The courses also aim to help trainees open up their minds, master relevant management knowledge about organizational behaviors, improve their EQ and management capabilities, and develop business ideas as well as build and level up the ability in overall control. By enhancing personal qualities, these courses have helped the trainees develop their own core competitiveness and armed them with skills to carry out effective management and decision-making in complex economic, social and technological environment at home and abroad.

Case 3:  Entrepreneur financial innovation and investment course, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute and HSHT
From 2016 to 2017, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute has customized the Innovative Finance and Investment Course for Entrepreneurs for Qingdao entrepreneurs by combining its forefront Chinese financial theories and practices with the industrial advantages of Qingdao HSHT Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. The course includes mainly four compulsory modules: macro-economy and financial market, business finance and industry- finance combination, financial innovation and wealth management, and financial investment and capital operation. It's designed for chairmen, general managers, heads of investment and financing, and other middle and senior managers of private companies, as well as the core layer of non-banking financial institutions in the fields of securities, insurance, public fund and private equity, trust, investment, Internet finance, financial leasing, etc. Class Hours: once a month for 1 year in total with 2 to 4 days each time. This program has built an innovative development platform that integrates government, industries, universities, research institutions and funds. The form of training it adopts has helped to liven up the financial atmosphere of Qingdao, spread the industry's positive energy, and cultivate more high-end financial talents, advancing the efforts of Qingdao Comprehensive Financial Reform Pilot Zone for Wealth Management in building the marsh land and brands of wealth.

Case 4: Thematic Special financial training for Haier Financial Holdings
On August 8, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute conducted a thematic training of Macro-economy Analysis and Financial Risk Control for Haier Financial Holdings (Qingdao), to facilitate its employees' understanding of the current status and development of China's macro-economy, strengthen their risk control of the overall finance, update their concept of strategic management, and improve their practical work skills. On January 10, 2017, the Leader Plan, namely the thematic training of Financial Policy and Financial Innovation was carried out for the company's senior executives, which has enhanced the trainees' expertise and stepped up their professional level and management ability.

Case 5: Growth Training Camp of New Business Leaders, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and CreditEase Wealth Management
From 2015 to 2016, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute and CreditEase Wealth Management have jointly organized two sessions of the program of Growth Training Camp of New Business Leaders. This program serves as a public welfare platform for SMEs. It focuses on macroeconomic analysis, business management innovation and wealth management, and has implemented actual practice and interactions among circles through business visit, classmate lectures and theme salons. It aims to cultivate entrepreneurs with great potential that aspire to innovation, provide support on steady growth of their companies, and enhance their capability of investment and financing operation, fully boosting the sustainable development of the companies. Through core courses of six major modules (including business innovation, Internet+, investment and financing, wealth management, etc.), business management simulation, exchange and sharing, business visits and other forms, it has upgraded SMEs' overall core capacity in wealth management, operation, financing, strategy formulation among other aspects, strengthened their continuous innovation ability with Internet thinking and supplied sustained intellectual support for their advancement.

Case 6: "Bronze Plan" Manager Advanced Training Course, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and CreditEase Wealth Management (6 sessions in total)

From 2015 to 2016, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute and CreditEase Wealth Management jointly organized the "Bronze Plan" Manager Advanced Training Course. The duration of this program is one year divided into 6 sessions with 2 to 3 days for each session. The talent training system mainly includes three aspects: leadership, professional proficiency, and management ability. Academic, political and industrial experts were invited to give lectures; financial system theories were taught combined with study of latest cases; and brainstorming about industry issues, debates and sharing meetings and other training forms, from theories to practices, enabled trainees to thoroughly master the comprehensive abilities as business managers. The contents and methods of this program have been recognized by both CreditEase leaders and the trainees.

Case 7: Jinan Financial Industry Innovation and Development Training Course, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute was entrusted by the Organization Department of CPC Jinan Municipal Committee with customization and organization of Jinan Financial Industry Innovation and Development Training Course from March 28 to April 1, 2017 in Shanghai for the purpose of furthering the financial knowledge and innovation of relevant cadres of the financial system. Covering macroeconomic analysis, equity investment, wealth management, reformation practice in the free trade area, and financial reform innovation, industry-finance combination, Internet finance, practice and learning in Fosun Group and so on, the course has improved the trainees' financial innovation and development capabilities comprehensively from theories to practices. It has been highly praised by the trainees.

Case 8: Jinan Shizhong District Investment Promotion and Financial Innovation and Development Training Course
The investment promotion and financial innovation and development training course for Jinan Shizhong District Investment Promotion Service Agency was held in Shanghai from June 11 to 17, 2017, with about 54 trainees. This course covers macroeconomic analysis, financial innovation, industrial cluster planning and investment promotion strategies, capital operation, service transformation and marketing innovation and other professional and cutting-edge learning contents. It also includs practice and learning in Hongkou District Fund Industrial Park and Shanghai Stock Exchange among other organizations so that the trainees could harvest profound and comprehensive achievements in terms of theories and practices.

Case 9: Training Course for Finance Directors of Key Companies in the Jinan High-tech Zone
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics held the training course for finance directors of key companies in the Jinan High-tech Zone from June 19 to 23, 2017, entrusted by the Finance Bureau of the High-tech Zone. It aims to broaden the directors' horizon of management, update their business concept, and knowledge structure and give full play to their advisory role in management, decision-making and risk prevention while building an exchange platform among the companies and further cultivating finance and tax sources. There were about 75 trainees, including chairmen and finance directors of companies, and staff of the finance, taxation, audit and other departments of the High-tech Zone. Through lectures and exchanges on macro-economy, financial and taxation reform, business strategic and financial cooperation, industry-finance combination, tax supervision and inspection, and private advisory boards, the course has enhanced the comprehensive capacity of senior financial managers in the High-tech Zone and provided effective intellectual support in building efficient financial teams.

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