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NEEQ Strategic Design and Capital Management Advanced Training Course

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NEEQ Strategic Design and Capital Management Advanced Training Course

Supported by Hejun Business School

Hejun Group
It was founded in Beijing in the spring of 2000, operating two listed companies by share-controlling. With 100 million yuan of registered capital and 1,500 official employees, it is one of the biggest consulting firms in Asia. The pattern of One Body and Two Wings: The Group aims to offer customers the integrated service of "consultation+capital+talents", with consultation as the "body", and capital and business as the "two wings". The pattern is awarded the Best Business Model of China by the 21st Century Business Review.

Project Background
Capital Management is the advanced form of business operation. As chairman of the board or senior manager of a company to be listed on NEEQ, have you ever experienced or are you just facing the following confusions in the boosting NEEQ market:
What are the differences among the main board, GEM, SMEs board, and NEEQ?
Peer companies have been listed. Is our company suitable for being listed?
From being listed to making a market, how do NEEQ-listed companies carry out their capital management plans?
How to make overall coordination to get listed on NEEQ?
How does a company make a choice between innovation and making a market?
How do listed companies bring in strategic shareholders by private placement?
How to develop the team of chairman's office of NEEQ-listed companies and their capital management capability?
How to optimize listed companies' equity structure and implement equity incentives?
How do listed companies carry out their finance plans and investment acquisitions, and purchase or sell their shares?
To cut companies' confusions before and after being listed and hold the strategic opportunities brought by NEEQ, SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute and Hejun Business School co-organize the "NEEQ Strategic Design and Capital Management Advanced Training Course". It aims at helping companies' decision-makers build the thought of industry and finance interaction and promote core executives' awareness and ability of capital management.

Project Objectives

To build a compound knowledge structure of "Macroscopic view+Industry+Management+Capital"
To get familiar with the policy trend, such as NEEQ market division, market-making and board-transformation.
To cultivate the thought and practical operation of the strategy of industry and finance interaction.
To master NEEQ's listing procedure, practical operation and key points.
To master the practical operation and key points of NEEQ private placement.
To grasp the practical operation and key points as board secretary
To grasp the concept and practical operation of equity incentive and value management.

Project Features
1. Workshop teaching
2. Strategy of industry and finance interaction
3. Consultative training of board secretary
4. Alumni platform

NEEQ listed companies' management decision makers: director of the board, general manager, board secretary, head of securities affairs, CFO, board secretary office and so on;
General manager, board secretary and other senior managers of companies to be listed.

Schooling System:
1. The Training Course will last for 6 months, 2-3 days each month (Friday to Sunday)
2. Venue:
Qingdao: SUFE Qingdao Wealth Management Institute (No. 57, Kedazhi Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao)
Shanghai: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Zhongshan North 1st Road Campus, No. 369 Zhongshan North 1st Road, Shanghai)
During the course, domestic mobile classes and overseas modules will be arranged, including lectures and examinations.

Tuition: 28,800 yuan per person
(Including handouts, courses, lunch and tea break, and teaching management; excluding accommodation and transportation).

Teaching Methods
Small-sized class, case analysis, and group discussion as the center; and actual simulation and expert comment as complement;
A combination of theories and practices through high-end lectures, boutique salons, mobile classrooms, business visits, etc.

Application Process:
Application Process: Application Submission → Qualification Examination → Admission Notice → Tuition Fee Payment→ Registration
Application Materials: Application form (please fill in the frequently-used cell phone number and e-mail for daily teaching management), one color photo of 2 inches (a recent bareheaded photo) or a digital color life photo.

Certificate of Completion
All trainees admitted shall register formally at school and establish personal files, with trainees' status managed by the Institute; after completing all courses and passing the examination, trainees will be issued the Completion Certificate by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and join the alumni association.

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