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SUFE EMBA Program Spring Semester 2015-Qingdao Class

I. Admission Requirements    
        Applicants shall possess a bachelor degree or above (special talents may apply for the program with a junior college education background, whose proportion shall not exceed 10%) and at least 8 years’ professional experience in business administration or relevant fields, and the employers for whom the applicants work have agreed the applicants to take the course for two days each month.   
II. Application Procedures

1. Prequalification    
        After the applicants fill out and submit the Pre-Application Form, the EMBA Center of the Institute will inform the applicants of whether they can go to the subsequent stage in ten working days.

2. Formal Application         
        Pre-qualified applicants will fill out and submit a formal Application Form. A blank Form is available by a call, a letter or a visit to the Program Office. Meanwhile, the applicants shall provide 
(1) A copy of graduation and degree certificate (if the degree is obtained in foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, the applicants shall proceed with a validation procedure with Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange under the Ministry of Education, and submit a copy of Validation Testimony for Foreign Degree);   
(2) Two recommendation letters (the two referrers shall be familiar with the personal information, academic achievements and work performances of the applicant, one of whom shall be the immediate leader of the applicant, while the other shall be an authority who is familiar with actual conditions of the applicant. )

(3) Four recently-taken one-inch bareheaded photos;

(4) A copy of ID card or passport; 
(5) One paper on business management based on actual conditions of an enterprise (above 2000 words);

(6) Application fee RMB 160.    
III. Admission Criteria      
        SUFE sets examination questions alone, and organizes the entrance examination in forms of a written test and an interview, with the interview as the main approach to evaluate the applicant's comprehensive qualities and management potential and without special requirements on the applicant's English proficiency.   
IV. Teaching Mode     
        It adopts on-job learning and credit system. The length of schooling is two years (two working days+one weekend every month for learning). Students shall finish their study in two years. If they fail to fulfill their learning tasks on time for some objective reasons, the length of schooling can be extended accordingly by a maximum of two years.    
V. Language of Instruction       
        Chinese, English (English courses provided with Chinese translation)    
VI. Opening Date       
        Subject to the letter of admission     
VII. Tuition      
        Tuition of EMBA (Qingdao Class) for 2015 amounts to RMB 258,000 Yuan, covering lecture, teaching materials and lecture notes, translation, access to resources of the school (such as library), thesis defending, refreshments during breaks as well as two specialty programs of Europe and America.       
        Accommodation fee and travel expenses, international flight tickets and overseas hotel accommodation fees for attending a class or visiting enterprises are excluded.

VIII. Contact Us           
Phone 86-0532-88965667       
Mobile phone 18661968370 (Teacher Zhang)      
Address RM310, 3F, Party School of CPC Committee of Laoshan District, No. 57, Kedazhi Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao